Type: Squad: Reg: Date: Cas.: Location: Operator: Photos: Note: Source: ID
IAR-316B Alouette IIIRomanian Air Force1132012-07-054/4Romania16188[1] 16188

All losses by type (modification):

# Type: Date: Cas.: Operator: ID:
1HAL SA316B Chetak2019-04-160/320484
2SA-316 Alouette III2018-12-290/319975
3Hindustan SA-316B Chetak2018-10-010/319140
4SA-316B Alouette III2018-06-290/418372
5Hindustan SA-316B Chetak2018-03-101/417521
6SE3160 Alouette III2017-03-150/214593
7SA-316B Alouette III2015-01-210/28423
8HAL Chetak2014-09-180/48933
9SA 316B Alouette III2013-03-052/416000
10Hindustan SA-316B Chetak2012-10-153/316123
11IAR-316B Alouette III2012-07-054/416188
12IAR 3162012-03-282/416345
13HAL Chetak2011-05-134/418422
14HAL Chetak2010-09-113/318835
15HAL Chetak2010-06-021/419775

The losses of current type (modification) by year

The losses of current type (modification) by operators

All losses by operator

# Type: Date: Cas.: Operator: ID:
1IAR 99 Şoim2018-07-16IAR 99 Şoim18461
2MiG-21MF LanceR C2018-07-07MiG-21MF LanceR C18425
3MiG-21MF LanceR C2017-06-12MiG-21MF LanceR C15301
4IAR330M Puma2014-11-21IAR330M Puma8551
5IAR-330 Puma SOCAT2013-03-07IAR-330 Puma SOCAT16449
6IAR-99 Şoim2012-08-23IAR-99 Şoim16162
7IAR-316B Alouette III2012-07-05IAR-316B Alouette III16188
8MIG-21UM Lancer B2010-11-01MIG-21UM Lancer B18760

The losses of current operator by year:

The losses of current operator by type: