Type: Squad: Reg: Date: Cas.: Location: Operator: Photos: Note: Source: ID
Mirage 2000DFrench Air Force619/188-IM2012-01-140/2Saudi Arabia164201642016420collided with 16432[1] [2] 16420

All losses by type (modification):

# Type: Date: Cas.: Operator: ID:
1Mirage 2000BM2019-04-120/220514
2Mirage 2000TH2019-02-012/220205
3Mirage 2000D2019-01-092/220051
4Mirage 2000-5EG2018-04-121/117751
5Dassault Mirage 2000-5Ei2017-11-060/116724
6Mirage 2000N2017-09-280/216363
7Mirage 2000EG2017-05-290/115126
8Mirage 2000-9D2016-03-132/210863
9Mirage 2000D2015-01-260/0+119703
10Mirage 2000D2015-01-260/0+119705
11Mirage 2000B2014-08-040/29800
12Mirage 2000D2014-06-090/210067
13Mirage 2000-5F2014-05-120/110012
14Mirage 2000-5F2013-06-050/115887
15Mirage 2000-52013-05-200/215894
16Mirage 2000-5F2012-10-031/116130
17Mirage 2000TH Vajra2012-03-050/216370
18Mirage 2000TH Vajra2012-02-240/216389
19Mirage 2000D2012-01-140/216420
20Mirage 2000-9EAD2011-07-191/117859
21Mirage 2000BG2011-06-090/218354
22Mirage 2000D2011-05-240/218413
23Mirage 2000N2011-03-012/218557
24Mirage 2000-5F2010-05-110/120005

The losses of current type (modification) by year

The losses of current type (modification) by operators

All losses by operator

# Type: Date: Cas.: Operator: ID:
1S-2T Turbo Firecat (G-89)2019-08-02S-2T Turbo Firecat (G-89)20810
2Alpha Jet E2019-07-25Alpha Jet E20785
3Mirage 2000D2019-01-09Mirage 2000D20051
4MQ-9 Reaper2018-11-18MQ-9 Reaper19669
5NH90 Caïman2018-10-17NH90 Caïman19425
6SA 342M Gazelle2018-07-10SA 342M Gazelle18434
7SA 342 Gazelle2018-02-02SA 342 Gazelle17104
8SA 342 Gazelle2018-02-02SA 342 Gazelle17105
9SA 341 Gazelle2018-01-09SA 341 Gazelle17019
10SA 342M Gazelle2017-11-13SA 342M Gazelle16760
11Mirage 2000N2017-09-28Mirage 2000N16363
12Alpha Jet E2015-01-26Alpha Jet E9697
13Alpha Jet E2015-01-26Alpha Jet E9698
14Mirage 2000D2015-01-26Mirage 2000D9703
15Mirage 2000D2015-01-26Mirage 2000D9705
16Alpha Jet E2014-12-10Alpha Jet E8504
17EC 725R2 Caracal2014-11-29EC 725R2 Caracal8511
18Mirage 2000B2014-08-04Mirage 2000B9800
19Mirage 2000D2014-06-09Mirage 2000D10067
20Mirage 2000-5F2014-05-12Mirage 2000-5F10012
21Mirage 2000-5F2013-06-05Mirage 2000-5F15887
22Aérospatiale AS 555 AN Fennec 2012-11-03Aérospatiale AS 555 AN Fennec 16095
23Mirage 2000-5F2012-10-03Mirage 2000-5F16130
24Rafale M2012-07-02Rafale M16198
25Mirage 2000D2012-01-14Mirage 2000D16420
26SA 342M1 Gazelle2011-12-01SA 342M1 Gazelle17503
27SA 342M1 Gazelle2011-06-10SA 342M1 Gazelle18352
28Mirage 2000D2011-05-24Mirage 2000D18413
29Mirage 2000N2011-03-01Mirage 2000N18557
30Rafale M2010-11-28Rafale M18689
31SA 342M1 Gazelle2010-11-03SA 342M1 Gazelle18751
32SA 342M1 Gazelle2010-09-22SA 342M1 Gazelle18830
33Mirage 2000-5F2010-05-11Mirage 2000-5F20005
34Alpha Jet E2010-04-13Alpha Jet E20042
35Mirage F1CT2010-04-08Mirage F1CT20046

The losses of current operator by year:

The losses of current operator by type: