Type: Squad: Reg: Date: Cas.: Location: Operator: Photos: Note: Source: ID
Bo 105CBS-5Mexican NavyAMHP-1082011-10-170/0Mexico17616related with "Jova" hurricane, South Coast of Mexico[1] 17616

All losses by type (modification):

# Type: Date: Cas.: Operator: ID:
1Bo 105CB-22016-10-161/313715
2Bo 105CBS-42014-08-243/39776
3Bo 105S-CDN-BS-42013-09-093/319677
4Bo 105CBS-22013-05-235/515893
5MBB Bo 105C2012-08-210/516165
6Bo 105CBS-52011-10-170/017616
7Bo 105C2010-08-172/518863

The losses of current type (modification) by year

The losses of current type (modification) by operators

All losses by operator

# Type: Date: Cas.: Operator: ID:
3T-6C+ Texan II2018-07-17T-6C+ Texan II18489
4UH-60M Black Hawk2018-02-16UH-60M Black Hawk17361
5Mi-17-1V (Mi-8MTV-1)2018-02-10Mi-17-1V (Mi-8MTV-1)17185
6Bell 407GX2017-11-28Bell 407GX16849
7Bell 412EP2017-10-06Bell 412EP16482
9T-6C+ Texan II2017-08-16T-6C+ Texan II15658
10T-6C+ Texan II2017-08-16T-6C+ Texan II15659
11MD 5302017-04-06MD 53014791
13T-6C+ Texan II2016-12-10T-6C+ Texan II14059
14MD530F (369F)2016-10-10MD530F (369F)13618
16Bell 2122015-09-26Bell 2128231
17EC 725 Super Cougar2015-05-01EC 725 Super Cougar8333
18T-6C+ Texan II2015-04-25T-6C+ Texan II8340
19Schweizer 300C2014-04-28Schweizer 300C17476
20Bell 2122014-01-31Bell 21210138
21Cessna 182S2014-01-14Cessna 182S10155
22UH-60 Black Hawk2013-09-19UH-60 Black Hawk15746
23PC-6/B2-H4 Turbo Porter2013-02-21PC-6/B2-H4 Turbo Porter16007
24Zlin 242-L2012-12-05Zlin 242-L16067
26 AS 565MB Panther (AS 365N3)2012-06-22 AS 565MB Panther (AS 365N3)16212
27IAI 201 Arava2012-04-20IAI 201 Arava16325
28695 Jetprop Commander 9802012-02-21695 Jetprop Commander 98016395
29AS 332L1 Super Puma2011-11-11AS 332L1 Super Puma17509
30Bo 105CBS-52011-10-17Bo 105CBS-517616
32Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III2011-08-10Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III17812
33MD530MG Defender2011-05-28MD530MG Defender18376
37Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III2010-07-07Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III19028
38Bell 412EP2010-06-18Bell 412EP19109
40Cessna 182S Skylane2010-02-24Cessna 182S Skylane20239

The losses of current operator by year:

The losses of current operator by type: