Type: Squad: Reg: Date: Cas.: Location: Operator: Photos: Note: Source: ID
CH-53 Yasur 2000Israeli Air Force0462010-07-267/7Romania18994crashed in the Bucegi Mountains in Central Romania during BLUE SKY 2010 exercises[1] 18994

All losses by type (modification):

# Type: Date: Cas.: Operator: ID:
1CH-53E Super Stallion2019-06-060/?20650
3CH-53E Super Stallion2018-04-030/?17716
4CH-53E Super Stallion2017-10-110/716519
5CH-53E Super Stallion2017-04-050/516522
7CH-53 Sea Stallion2016-01-156/6+69998
8CH-53 Sea Stallion2016-01-156/6+69999
9CH-53E Sea Stallion2015-09-021/128228
10CH-53E Super Sea Stallion2014-09-010/259679
11CH-53E Super Stallion2014-06-010/?17480
12MH-53E Sea Dragon2014-01-083/510157
13CH-53E Super Stallion2013-04-150/2115957
15MH-53E Sea Dragon2012-06-290/1216201
16CH-53D Sea Stallion2012-06-210/?16216
17CH-53D Sea Stallion2012-01-196/616416
18CH-53D Sea Stallion2011-03-291/418484
19CH-53 Yasur 20002010-07-267/718994

The losses of current type (modification) by year

The losses of current type (modification) by operators

All losses by operator

# Type: Date: Cas.: Operator: ID:
2KC‑130H Hercules2019-01-30KC‑130H Hercules20202
3F-16I Sufa2018-02-10F-16I Sufa17164
4AH-64A Apache2017-08-07AH-64A Apache15622
5F-16I Sufa2016-10-05F-16I Sufa13564
6F-16D Block 52+2013-07-07F-16D Block 52+15864
7AH-1F Cobra2013-03-12AH-1F Cobra15996
8F-16D Block 30F Barak2013-01-02F-16D Block 30F Barak17622
9 F-16I Block 52+2010-11-11 F-16I Block 52+18732
10CH-53 Yasur 20002010-07-26CH-53 Yasur 200018994

The losses of current operator by year:

The losses of current operator by type: