Type: Squad: Reg: Date: Cas.: Location: Operator: Photos: Note: Source: ID
Т-72Б11862 / 430 -> .png title=>1793117931179311793117931179311793117931

All losses by type (modification):

# Type: Date: Cas.: Operator: ID:
1Т-72Б10000-00-00429.png title=>6200
2Т-72Б10000-00-00717 Ластивка.png title=>8392
3Т-72Б10000-00-00726.png title=>8393
4Т-72Б10000-00-00Карат.png title=>8726
5Т-72Б10000-00-00Скiф.png title=>8731
6Т-72Б10000-00-00ВДВ.png title=>8734
7Т-72Б10000-00-00Панда.png title=>8740
8Т-72Б10000-00-0037, 20-1, Гламур -> .png title=>8742
9Т-72Б10000-00-00Кохана.png title=>8745
10Т-72Б10000-00-00Катя.png title=>9440
11Т-72Б1433.png title=>9543
12Т-72Б1432.png title=>10524
13Т-72Б1431.png title=>10739
14Т-72Б1414.png title=>10890
15Т-72Б1418.png title=>11248
16Т-72Б1411.png title=>11249
17Т-72Б1417.png title=>11250
18Т-72Б1413.png title=>11251
19Т-72Б1 23.png title=>11252
20Т-72Б1425.png title=>11254
21Т-72Б1724.png title=>11320
22Т-72Б1410.png title=>11375
23Т-72Б1Лев.png title=>11377
24Т-72Б12-554 / Бегемот.png title=>12483
25Т-72Б1Чайка.png title=>12819
26Т-72Б1111.png title=>13313
27Т-72Б1317.png title=>14074
28Т-72Б1824.png title=>16646
29Т-72Б1Артист.png title=>17926
30Т-72Б1862 / 430 -> .png title=>17931
31Т-72Б1828.png title=>17949
32Т-72Б1816.png title=>18301

The losses of current type (modification) by year

The losses of current type (modification) by operators

All losses by operator

# Type: Date: Cas.: Operator: ID:
1Т-72Б10000-00-00Т-72Б1 -> .png title=>8742
2Т-72Б1Т-72Б1 -> .png title=>17931

The losses of current operator by year:

The losses of current operator by type: