Type: Squad: Reg: Date: Cas.: Location: Operator: Photos: Note: Source: ID
Oshkosh M-ATV SXBAbyan2015-07-31Aden-Abyan Road7853785378537853

All losses by type (modification):

# Type: Date: Cas.: Operator: ID:
1Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2019-07-03undefined8108
2Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2019-07-03undefined20726
3Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2019-07-03undefined20727
4Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2019-05-10undefined20545
5Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2019-03-28undefined20403
6Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2019-03-14undefined20364
7Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2019-02-0420215
8Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2019-02-0420217
9Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2019-01-0520024
10Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2018-11-0719564
11Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2018-08-3118476
12Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2018-07-2914201
13Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2018-05-0517893
14Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2018-03-2817640
15Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2018-03-19undefined17586
16Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2018-02-2417310
17Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2018-02-1717249
18Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2018-02-0117101
19Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2018-01-1317036
20Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-12-2316974
21Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-11-0516715
22Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-09-2716485
23Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-08-1316694
24Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-08-1117099
25Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-08-0815628
26Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-07-2615562
27Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-05-2115079
28Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-05-1815058
29Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-05-1815059
30Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-04-1814945
31Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-04-1816396
32Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-03-2716494
33Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-03-2716976
34Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-03-1314661
35Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-01-2317406
36Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-01-1414265
37Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-01-1414266
38Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-01-1314226
39Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-12-3016693
40Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-12-1214105
41Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-11-0913843
42Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-10-0115640
43Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-08-2716622
44Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-08-1216666
45Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-08-0216624
46Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-07-3114682
47Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-07-1318477
48Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-07-0916184
49Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-07-0616502
50Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-06-3017544
51Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-06-2712206
52Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-06-2114368
53Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-06-0316623
54Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-05-0416688
55Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-04-1216514
56Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-04-0811202
57Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-04-0811225
58Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-04-0711178
59Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-04-0215333
60Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-03-3111072
61Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-03-2310973
62Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-03-1917577
63Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-03-1810909
64Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-03-0310793
65Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-03-0315807
66Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-02-1715593
67Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-02-1610537
68Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-02-1610538
69Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-02-1616528
70Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-02-1310484
71Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-02-0915338
72Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-02-0810417
73Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-02-0815639
74Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-02-0210341
75Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-01-2316505
76Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-01-2110175
77Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-01-1710118
78Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-01-039634
79Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-12-30undefined20363
80Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-12-279361
81Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-12-1416661
82Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-12-1215407
83Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-12-119043
84Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-12-1016621
85Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-12-0816678
86Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-3016552
87Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-268922
88Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-268923
89Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-268924
90Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-258945
91Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-258946
92Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-2216855
93Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-2015803
94Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-2015804
95Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-2015808
96Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-1916149
97Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-188644
98Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-188645
99Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-188646
100Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-138604
101Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-138605
102Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-138606
103Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-1315613
104Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-128591
105Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-0415609
106Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-0415610
107Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-0416349
108Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-0416350
109Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-0416351
110Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-0416352
111Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-0416353
112Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-0416354
113Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-0416959
114Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-0416960
115Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-10-258337
116Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-10-128174
117Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-10-128175
118Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-10-0918516
119Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-10-0716504
120Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-10-0616923
121Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-10-0616924
122Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-10-057908
123Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-2916641
124Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-2916642
125Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-257841
126Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-257842
127Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-257843
128Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-2016571
129Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-2016572
130Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-2016573
131Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-2016574
132Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-2016575
133Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-177803
134Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-177804
135Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-177826
136Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-177827
137Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-1615614
138Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-1616512
139Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-1617400
140Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-157834
141Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-157835
142Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-157863
143Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-157999
144Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-158001
145Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-158002
146Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-158003
147Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-158004
148Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-158005
149Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-1515611
150Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-1515612
151Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-1516503
152Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-147806
153Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-147862
154Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-1414402
155Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-1416507
156Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-1417355
157Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-1417359
158Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-09-0415331
159Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-257807
160Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-257808
161Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-257809
162Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-257811
163Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-2514339
164Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-2416888
165Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-227813
166Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-227814
167Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-227815
168Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-227816
169Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-227817
170Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-227818
171Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-217877
172Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-217951
173Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-2116260
174Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-177844
175Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-177845
176Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-177846
177Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-177883
178Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-097836
179Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-097838
180Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-0916638
181Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-0916721
182Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-07-317853
183Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-07-1716935
184Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-07-1515731

The losses of current type (modification) by year

The losses of current type (modification) by operators

All losses by operator

# Type: Date: Cas.: Operator: ID:
1BAE Caiman2019-07-19BAE Caiman20777
2Nimr Ajban 440A2019-02-04Nimr Ajban 440A20214
3Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2019-02-04Oshkosh M-ATV SXB20215
4Nimr Ajban 4202019-02-04Nimr Ajban 42020216
5Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2019-02-04Oshkosh M-ATV SXB20217
6Nimr Ajban 4202019-02-04Nimr Ajban 42020218
7Nimr Ajban 4202019-02-04Nimr Ajban 42020230
8Nimr Ajban 4202019-02-04Nimr Ajban 42020231
9Nimr Ajban 440A2019-02-04Nimr Ajban 440A20232
10International MaxxPro Plus2019-02-04International MaxxPro Plus20233
11BAE Caiman MTV2019-01-15BAE Caiman MTV20154
12BAE Caiman MTV2018-12-03BAE Caiman MTV19772
13International MaxxPro Plus2018-11-26International MaxxPro Plus15178
14International MaxxPro Plus2018-11-17International MaxxPro Plus8582
15International MaxxPro Plus2018-11-17International MaxxPro Plus16687
16International MaxxPro Plus2018-11-15International MaxxPro Plus19653
17Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS2018-11-10Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS19608
18Nimr Ajban 4202018-11-08Nimr Ajban 42019572
19International MaxxPro Plus2018-11-08International MaxxPro Plus19573
20International MaxxPro Plus2018-11-07International MaxxPro Plus19565
21International MaxxPro Plus2018-11-06International MaxxPro Plus19554
22International MaxxPro Plus2018-11-06International MaxxPro Plus19559
23International MaxxPro Plus2018-11-06International MaxxPro Plus19560
24Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS2018-11-06Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS19561
25Nimr Ajban 440A2018-11-06Nimr Ajban 440A19562
26International MaxxPro Plus2018-11-06International MaxxPro Plus19563
27International MaxxPro Plus2018-11-01International MaxxPro Plus19505
28Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS2018-11-01Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS19506
29International MaxxPro Plus2018-10-24International MaxxPro Plus19471
30International MaxxPro Plus2018-10-22International MaxxPro Plus19463
31International MaxxPro Plus2018-10-22International MaxxPro Plus19464
32Nimr Ajban 440A2018-10-22Nimr Ajban 440A19465
33Nimr Ajban 4202018-10-20Nimr Ajban 42019447
34International MaxxPro Plus2018-10-20International MaxxPro Plus19448
35International MaxxPro Plus2018-10-20International MaxxPro Plus19449
36International MaxxPro Plus2018-10-20International MaxxPro Plus19450
37International MaxxPro Plus2018-10-20International MaxxPro Plus19451
38Nimr Ajban 4202018-10-20Nimr Ajban 42019452
39BAE Caiman MTV2018-10-20BAE Caiman MTV19453
40Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-10-14Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK19382
41Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS2018-10-13Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS19375
42Nimr Ajban 4202018-10-12Nimr Ajban 42019340
43BAE Caiman MTV2018-10-07BAE Caiman MTV16495
44International MaxxPro Plus2018-09-29International MaxxPro Plus19108
45International MaxxPro Plus2018-09-28International MaxxPro Plus16870
46Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-09-28Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK19096
47International MaxxPro Plus2018-09-26International MaxxPro Plus19054
48Nimr Ajban 4202018-09-26Nimr Ajban 42019055
49Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS2018-09-25Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS19050
50Nimr Ajban 440A2018-09-12Nimr Ajban 440A18990
51Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS2018-09-12Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS18991
52International MaxxPro Plus2018-09-12International MaxxPro Plus18992
53International MaxxPro Plus2018-09-11International MaxxPro Plus18969
54International MaxxPro Plus2018-09-11International MaxxPro Plus18970
55Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS2018-09-10Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS18958
56Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-09-10Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK18959
57Nimr Ajban 440A2018-09-07Nimr Ajban 440A19575
58Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-09-03Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK18925
59International MaxxPro Plus2018-09-03International MaxxPro Plus18926
60BAE Caiman MTV2018-08-29BAE Caiman MTV16951
61Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS2018-08-26Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS16660
62Nimr Ajban 440A2018-08-26Nimr Ajban 440A18119
63Nimr Ajban 4202018-08-17Nimr Ajban 42018797
64Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-08-14Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK18831
65Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS2018-08-14Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS18832
66Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-08-14Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK18833
67Nimr Ajban 440A2018-08-14Nimr Ajban 440A18834
68Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-08-12Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK18705
69International MaxxPro Plus2018-08-12International MaxxPro Plus18720
70International MaxxPro Plus2018-08-08International MaxxPro Plus18663
71Nimr Ajban 4202018-08-08Nimr Ajban 42018664
72International MaxxPro Plus2018-08-06International MaxxPro Plus18656
73Nimr Ajban 4202018-07-28Nimr Ajban 42017824
74International MaxxPro Plus2018-07-24International MaxxPro Plus18536
75Nimr Ajban 4202018-07-17Nimr Ajban 42018486
76International MaxxPro Plus2018-07-13International MaxxPro Plus18456
77Nimr Ajban 4202018-07-04Nimr Ajban 42018407
78Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS2018-07-04Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS18408
79International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-26International MaxxPro Plus18344
80International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-21International MaxxPro Plus18330
81International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-21International MaxxPro Plus18331
82International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-21International MaxxPro Plus18332
83International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-21International MaxxPro Plus18333
84International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-21International MaxxPro Plus18334
85Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-06-21Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK18335
86International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-18International MaxxPro Plus18325
87BAE Caiman MTV2018-06-18BAE Caiman MTV18326
88International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-18International MaxxPro Plus18327
89International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-17International MaxxPro Plus18312
90International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-17International MaxxPro Plus18313
91International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-17International MaxxPro Plus18314
92International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-17International MaxxPro Plus18315
93Nimr Ajban 4202018-06-15Nimr Ajban 42018303
94International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-10International MaxxPro Plus18284
95International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-07International MaxxPro Plus17868
96Nimr Ajban 4202018-06-07Nimr Ajban 42018264
97BAE Caiman MTV2018-06-05BAE Caiman MTV18245
98International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-05International MaxxPro Plus18248
99International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-02International MaxxPro Plus18187
100International MaxxPro Plus2018-06-02International MaxxPro Plus18225
101International MaxxPro Plus2018-05-27International MaxxPro Plus18125
102International MaxxPro Plus2018-05-27International MaxxPro Plus18126
103Nimr Ajban 4202018-05-17Nimr Ajban 42017991
104Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-05-14Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK17963
105Nimr Ajban 4202018-05-14Nimr Ajban 42017964
106Nimr Ajban 4202018-05-12Nimr Ajban 42017939
107Nimr Ajban 4202018-05-12Nimr Ajban 42017940
108Nimr Ajban 4202018-05-12Nimr Ajban 42017941
109Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2018-05-05Oshkosh M-ATV SXB17893
110Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-05-02Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK17045
111Nimr Ajban 4202018-04-02Nimr Ajban 42017675
112Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2018-03-28Oshkosh M-ATV SXB17640
113Nimr Ajban 4202018-03-25Nimr Ajban 42017635
114Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2018-03-19Oshkosh M-ATV SXB17586
115BAE Caiman MTV2018-03-11BAE Caiman MTV17540
116BAE Caiman MTV2018-03-10BAE Caiman MTV17538
117BAE Caiman MTV2018-03-02BAE Caiman MTV17404
118Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-03-01Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK17402
119BAE Caiman MTV2018-02-25BAE Caiman MTV17401
120Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2018-02-24Oshkosh M-ATV SXB17310
121Nimr Ajban 4202018-02-18Nimr Ajban 42017253
122Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS2018-02-06Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS17134
123Nimr Ajban 4202018-02-06Nimr Ajban 42017135
124BAE Caiman MTV2018-01-28BAE Caiman MTV17092
125Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-01-28Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK17093
126Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-01-26Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK17086
127BAE Caiman MTV2018-01-21BAE Caiman MTV17066
128BAE Caiman MTV2018-01-21BAE Caiman MTV17067
129BAE Caiman MTV2018-01-21BAE Caiman MTV17068
130BAE Caiman MTV2018-01-21BAE Caiman MTV17069
131Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-01-15Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK17040
132BAE Caiman MTV2018-01-13BAE Caiman MTV17035
133Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-01-13Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK17038
134BAE Caiman MTV2018-01-13BAE Caiman MTV17039
135BAE Caiman MTV2018-01-10BAE Caiman MTV17017
136BAE Caiman MTV2018-01-08BAE Caiman MTV17012
137BAE Caiman MTV2018-01-08BAE Caiman MTV17013
138Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-01-08Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK17014
139Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2018-01-04Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK16656
140BAE Caiman MTV2018-01-04BAE Caiman MTV16996
141BAE Caiman MTV2017-12-31BAE Caiman MTV12710
142BAE Caiman MTV2017-12-30BAE Caiman MTV16577
143Nimr Ajban 4202017-12-26Nimr Ajban 42017061
144BAE Caiman MTV2017-12-21BAE Caiman MTV16967
145BAE Caiman MTV2017-12-21BAE Caiman MTV16975
146Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-12-19Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK17117
147Nimr Ajban 440A2017-12-16Nimr Ajban 440A16955
148BAE Caiman MTV2017-12-15BAE Caiman MTV16932
149Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-12-13Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK16895
150BAE Caiman MTV2017-12-12BAE Caiman MTV16892
151BAE Caiman MTV2017-12-11BAE Caiman MTV16884
152Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-12-08Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK16887
153Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-11-16Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK18267
154Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-11-05Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16715
155Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-10-24Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK16611
156Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-10-04Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK16473
157Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-09-17Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK16471
158Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-09-06Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK15985
159Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-09-06Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK15986
160BAE Caiman MTV2017-09-05BAE Caiman MTV15939
161BAE Caiman MTV2017-09-05BAE Caiman MTV15940
162Nimr JAIS2017-08-12Nimr JAIS15636
163Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-08-12Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK15637
164BAE Caiman MTV2017-08-12BAE Caiman MTV15638
165Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-08-11Oshkosh M-ATV SXB17099
166BAE Caiman MTV2017-08-09BAE Caiman MTV15772
167Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-07-27Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK15594
168Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-07-26Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK15560
169BAE Caiman MTV2017-07-26BAE Caiman MTV15561
170BAE Caiman MTV2017-07-23BAE Caiman MTV15544
171Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-07-18Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK15472
172Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-07-17Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK15465
173Nimr Ajban 440A2017-07-15Nimr Ajban 440A15456
174Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-07-15Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK15457
175BAE Caiman MTV2017-07-01BAE Caiman MTV15363
176Nimr Ajban 4202017-06-20Nimr Ajban 42017545
177BAE Caiman MTV2017-06-12BAE Caiman MTV15216
178BAE Caiman MTV2017-06-12BAE Caiman MTV15312
179BAE Caiman MTV2017-05-24BAE Caiman MTV15103
180BAE Caiman MTV2017-05-24BAE Caiman MTV16312
181BAE Caiman MTV2017-05-17BAE Caiman MTV15064
182BAE Caiman MTV2017-05-17BAE Caiman MTV15065
183BAE Caiman MTV2017-05-10BAE Caiman MTV15010
184BAE Caiman MTV2017-05-07BAE Caiman MTV14992
185BAE Caiman MTV2017-05-07BAE Caiman MTV14993
186BAE Caiman MTV2017-05-05BAE Caiman MTV17095
187BAE Caiman MTV2017-05-02BAE Caiman MTV14989
188Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS2017-04-24Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS14942
189Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK2017-04-24Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + OGPK14943
190BAE Caiman MTV2017-04-18BAE Caiman MTV14944
191Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-04-18Oshkosh M-ATV SXB14945
192Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-04-18Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16396
193Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-03-27Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16494
194BAE Caiman MTV2017-03-03BAE Caiman MTV14525
195Nimr JAIS2017-03-02Nimr JAIS14524
196BAE Caiman MTV2017-03-01BAE Caiman MTV14527
197BAE Caiman MTV2017-03-01BAE Caiman MTV14528
198BAE Caiman MTV2017-02-24BAE Caiman MTV14485
199BAE Caiman MTV2017-02-24BAE Caiman MTV14486
200BAE Caiman MTV2017-02-24BAE Caiman MTV14487
201BAE Caiman MTV2017-02-24BAE Caiman MTV14488
202BAE Caiman MTV2017-02-23BAE Caiman MTV14498
203BAE Caiman MTV2017-02-23BAE Caiman MTV14499
204BAE Caiman MTV2017-02-15BAE Caiman MTV14444
205BAE Caiman MTV2017-02-02BAE Caiman MTV14526
206BAE Caiman MTV2017-01-26BAE Caiman MTV16032
207BAE Caiman MTV2017-01-24BAE Caiman MTV15941
208BAE Caiman MTV2017-01-23BAE Caiman MTV17405
209Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-01-23Oshkosh M-ATV SXB17406
210BAE Caiman MTV2017-01-22BAE Caiman MTV18535
211BAE Caiman MTV2017-01-17BAE Caiman MTV18266
212BAE Caiman MTV2017-01-14BAE Caiman MTV14264
213Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-01-14Oshkosh M-ATV SXB14265
214Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-01-14Oshkosh M-ATV SXB14266
215Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2017-01-13Oshkosh M-ATV SXB14226
216BAE Caiman MTV2017-01-13BAE Caiman MTV14227
217BAE Caiman MTV2017-01-13BAE Caiman MTV14228
218Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + SPARK II2017-01-08Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + SPARK II14198
219BAE Caiman MTV2017-01-08BAE Caiman MTV14200
220BAE Caiman MTV2017-01-08BAE Caiman MTV14208
221BAE Caiman MTV2017-01-08BAE Caiman MTV16114
222BAE Caiman MTV2017-01-08BAE Caiman MTV18618
223Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-12-12Oshkosh M-ATV SXB14105
224BAE Caiman MTV2016-11-17BAE Caiman MTV13915
225BAE Caiman MTV2016-11-17BAE Caiman MTV14988
226Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-11-09Oshkosh M-ATV SXB13843
227Nimr Ajban 4202016-10-22Nimr Ajban 42016498
228Nimr Ajban 4202016-10-06Nimr Ajban 42013566
229BAE Caiman MTV2016-09-14BAE Caiman MTV16675
230Nimr Ajban 4202016-08-01Nimr Ajban 42016116
231Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-07-31Oshkosh M-ATV SXB14682
232Nimr Ajban 4202016-07-10Nimr Ajban 42012356
233Nimr Ajban 4202016-07-10Nimr Ajban 42012493
234Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-07-09Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16184
235Nimr Ajban 4202016-07-06Nimr Ajban 42012999
236Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-06-30Oshkosh M-ATV SXB17544
237Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-06-21Oshkosh M-ATV SXB14368
238BAE Caiman MTV2016-05-24BAE Caiman MTV16657
239Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-05-04Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16688
240Nimr Ajban 4202016-04-12Nimr Ajban 42011229
241Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-03-18Oshkosh M-ATV SXB10909
242Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-03-03Oshkosh M-ATV SXB15807
243Nimr Ajban 4202016-02-29Nimr Ajban 42010740
244Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS2016-02-14Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + IGG-RWS10517
245Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-02-13Oshkosh M-ATV SXB10484
246Nimr Ajban 4202016-02-09Nimr Ajban 42010440
247Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-02-09Oshkosh M-ATV SXB15338
248Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2016-01-17Oshkosh M-ATV SXB10118
249Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-12-30Oshkosh M-ATV SXB20363
250Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-12-14Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16661
251Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-12-12Oshkosh M-ATV SXB15407
252Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-12-11Oshkosh M-ATV SXB9043
253Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-30Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16552
254Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + SPARK II2015-11-29Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + SPARK II8849
255Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + SPARK II2015-11-29Oshkosh M-ATV SXB + SPARK II8850
256Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-26Oshkosh M-ATV SXB8922
257Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-26Oshkosh M-ATV SXB8923
258Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-26Oshkosh M-ATV SXB8924
259Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-25Oshkosh M-ATV SXB8945
260Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-25Oshkosh M-ATV SXB8946
261Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-22Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16855
262Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-20Oshkosh M-ATV SXB15803
263Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-20Oshkosh M-ATV SXB15804
264Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-20Oshkosh M-ATV SXB15808
265Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-19Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16149
266Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-18Oshkosh M-ATV SXB8644
267Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-18Oshkosh M-ATV SXB8645
268Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-18Oshkosh M-ATV SXB8646
269Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-13Oshkosh M-ATV SXB8604
270Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-13Oshkosh M-ATV SXB8605
271Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-13Oshkosh M-ATV SXB8606
272Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-13Oshkosh M-ATV SXB15613
273Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-11-12Oshkosh M-ATV SXB8591
274Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-10-09Oshkosh M-ATV SXB18516
275Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-10-06Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16923
276Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-10-06Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16924
277Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-25Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7807
278Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-25Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7808
279Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-25Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7809
280Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-25Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7811
281Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-25Oshkosh M-ATV SXB14339
282Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-24Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16888
283Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-22Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7813
284Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-22Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7814
285Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-22Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7815
286Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-22Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7816
287Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-22Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7817
288Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-22Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7818
289Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-21Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7877
290Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-21Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7951
291Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-21Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16260
292Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-17Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7844
293Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-17Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7845
294Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-17Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7846
295Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-17Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7883
296Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-09Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7836
297Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-09Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7838
298Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-09Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16638
299Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-08-09Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16721
300Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-07-31Oshkosh M-ATV SXB7853
301Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-07-17Oshkosh M-ATV SXB16935
302Oshkosh M-ATV SXB2015-07-15Oshkosh M-ATV SXB15731

The losses of current operator by year:

The losses of current operator by type: